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The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.

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gypsea yoga eco retreat

Gypsea Yoga Eco Retreat is the realization of a life long dream for Australian yoga teacher now Lombok resident Liz Long. Nestled in a lush valley on the north coast of Lombok, Gypsea is situated about 1km from one of the most iconic beaches on the island.

This small and intimate yoga studio is set amongst secluded rainforest, surrounded by the peaceful local villages near Sengiggi. Located on a spectacular and natural stretch of the coastline, it is the ideal setting to practice yoga.

By combining her love of yoga, surfing and meditation, Liz found peace, compassion and solace in this island paradise. Now she is devoted to using her yoga classes to encourage others to rediscover the beauty of a simple life and to take a moment to nurture themselves.

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