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B.K.S Iyengar

The body is your temple
Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in


Gypsea Yoga Eco Retreat

Gypsea Yoga is a magical paradise created to provide a calm and peaceful space for guests to re-connect with nature – and themselves. Surrounded by island wilderness, fresh air and mindful silence, it is also the perfect location to embrace the practise of yoga and meditation in our open-air Yoga Temple.
This unique, tropical garden sanctuary reflects the passion, heart and soul of its owner who wanted to create a peaceful haven for guests. The relaxed, simple lifestyle allows guests to be fully present in the moment and enjoy the unhurried pace of island life. However, Gypsea Yoga is equally appealing to digital nomads and those wanting to work remotely, while being invigorated by the natural surroundings.
Each private Bungalow has its own spiritual vibe and personality, with lush tropical gardens providing privacy. Wake up to a free delicious breakfast, complete with fresh local produce and vegan options, which is included in the accommodation price. We also have a large, modern shared kitchen available for use by guests 24/7, where you have the freedom to prepare your own nourishing comfort food.
Gypsea Yoga has been lovingly built on 1.5 acres of flat grassland with green, jungle-covered hills rising to the sky as far as the eye can see. The lush property reflects the local island atmosphere of calmness and traditional simplicity, while a high surrounding wall ensures peace, privacy and protection. As we live where ‘the jungle meets the sea’, we also share this tropical paradise with local creatures such as curious geckos and insects. Therefore we recommend you bring a high quality, good strength insect repellent and a stop itch ointment.
We are blessed with an onsite bore at Gypsea Yoga, so guests can safely drink our water straight from the tap. As our bore reaches down 80 metres into the third aquifer, a 10 metre layer of clay naturally prevents contaminants from entering the water supply. We have had our water tested in an Australian laboratory and it has been approved as meeting the Australian drinking water guidelines.

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