Covid Update


The recent lockdowns which have moved steadily around the world, have been unsettling for everyone. However, people have learnt to be adaptable and resilient – and now, as we begin to see the world opening again to international travel, many people have decided to continue working online in their businesses from home. Others are embracing the opportunity and the freedom of becoming a digital nomad – so why not live on an exotic tropical island while working online? If COVID19 has taught us anything, it is to find a balance that allows us to work while also prioritising our health and wellbeing. This enforced pause in the rush of everyday life is the perfect time to nurture your body, challenge your beliefs and develop the courage to continue on the path of personal growth and happiness – wherever you may be.

• We are taking a professional and committed response to delivering a safe environment that promotes the health and wellbeing of all our guests.
• Closed for the remainder of 2020
• Following Australian COVID Standards and Guidelines for Yoga, operating restaurants and holiday rentals.
• Providing safe yoga practice.
• Yoga Studio: we have revarnished floor and repainted walls, while ropes and all props have been washed and sun dried.
• Upgrading all property maintenance.
• We have thoroughly washed all buildings from top to bottom, inside and out (cupboards, beds, netting, kitchens etc)
Please DO NOT attend classes if you are required to self-quarantine OR have been exposed to anyone who is required to self-quarantine.

We are fortunate to have a traditional open, outdoor yoga studio, allowing fresh air to circulate naturally and freely. All students are required to bring a SARONG to cover bolsters and blankets. Other COVID safe practices include:
• Reduced maximum number of students per class (size of studio divided by 8 = the number of students we can accommodate).
• Students to arrive 15 minutes before class, for effective adherence to new safety protocols.
• Temperature taken upon arrival.
• Hygiene Station with hand sanitiser, disposable alcohol wipes, paper towels and a rubbish bin provided.
• Please wear a face mask.
• Maintain 1.5 metre social distance from others – before, during and after class.
• Please wash hands before and after class.
• Students asked to bring own yoga mat, if you have one.
• Markers for the strategic placement of yoga mats, for correct social distancing.
• After class students are asked to clean their studio mat, with the solution provided and hang it in the sun.
• No Teacher/Student physical adjustments.
• No common water drinking station is available, please bring your own water bottle. You can re-fill it in the shared kitchen.


• Student contact details are recorded before each class for contact tracing.
• All yoga props are cleaned daily with disinfectant and put in the sun to dry.
• Yoga desk and toilet cleaned daily.
• Yoga wood floor swept and steam cleaned daily.
• After class social distancing is maintained while enjoying Detox tea.


• Temperature taken upon arrival.
• Staying guests are temperature checked periodically.
• Guests and staff to maintain social distancing at all times.
• Advice and support will be provided by the western owners, who live on site, regarding local doctors and hospitals available for any guests which are feeling unwell.


• Our restaurant eating hub is open-air, allowing air to circulate naturally and freely.
• Hand sanitiser station in located in eating hub.
• Please sanitise hands before and after eating.
• Tables are placed 3 metres apart for social distancing.
• Tables cleaned with disinfectant after use


• All dishes and cutlery are soaked in a large tub of diluted bleach and water before washing.
• Granite bench tops are disinfected daily.
• Staff wash and sanitise hands every hour.
• Staff wear a mask while preparing and serving breakfast.

• All laundry is washed on site. All sheets, towels and cushion covers are soaked for a day before washing.
• All linen dried in the sun.
• First the bathroom area is sprayed with diluted bleach and left.
• Second. Strip and make the bed.
• Wipe down bleached bathroom and then hose it thoroughly with water.
• Dry bathroom area.
• Disinfect all table areas.

*Granite bench tops cleaned daily with disinfectant.
*Boiled hot water poured over the bench tops and floors mopped.
*Fridge door cleaned with disinfectant daily.
*Kitchen sink cleaned daily.
*Fortnightly the inside fridge is cleaned.
*Guests are expected to thoroughly wash all dishes and cutlery used.
*Guests are to wipe down the gas cookers after cooking.

*All staff have been COVID19 in-serviced
*Staff to wear masks at all times


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