Before your arrival we will communicate with you via your booking platform, to answer any questions you have.

We can organise good quality scooter rentals from our reliable supplier and have your transport ready for you when you arrive.

We can also organise airport pickups if you need, however these will cost you more.

We are 10 minutes north of Senggigi town, at the village named Lendang Luar.

We are a 10 minute walk inside Lendang Luar, from the main road (Jalan Raya Senggigi) where Living Asia Resort is located.


There are many 5 star resorts nearby, that welcome outside guests at their restaurants. Check-in is at 2pm when our breakfast restaurant is closed. We advise you to stop at one of the many Indomarts on your way to Gypsea Yoga and buy some snacks.

During check-in we provide a welcoming fruit plate and cold water. We can also make you a smoothie drink, juice or a pot of yoga tea from our menu.

We provide a Free fresh and nutritious breakfast, with vegan options, as part of your booking.

(Click on Breakfast Menu under FOOD Tab)

We also have a Drink Menu that offers pure, fresh fruit and vegetable Smoothies and Juices.

(Click Drinks Menu under FOOD Tab)

All our drinks and food use coconut milk and coconut water sourced fresh from our own property.


Below are some of the many ways you can get to Lombok and Gypsea Yoga, depending on your timing and budget.

• You can catch a PLANE from Bali to Lombok – the flight time is 25 minutes and fares start from around IDR 350.000 (USD 35) one way. You can buy tickets direct from the airline counters at the domestic airport OR book online with Wings Air/ Lion Air OR Garuda.

Lombok International Airport (Bandara Udara International Lombok) is located in the city of Lombok Praya {LOP}. From here, you need to travel to Senggigi, which is a one and a half hour drive North. There are many drivers at the airport to take you. Negotiate your price to Senggigi (IDR200,000 starting price). Gypsea Yoga is 10 minutes North of Senggigi, so offer to pay another IDR50,000.

• You can catch a FAST BOAT from Bali (Padang Bai) that takes about an hour and a half and costs about IDR400,000. The boats make stops along the way at Gili Trawangan, Gili Air before arriving at mainland Lombok (Bangsal Harbor). For the operating boat services, you’ll need to Google to find out the current services and schedules. When you arrive at Bangsal Harbor, negotiate your price with a local driver (starting IDR100,000) to take you to Lendang Luar (the village where Gypsea Yoga is located). Gypsea Yoga is 25 minutes South of Bangsal Harbor.

• The cheapest alternative (IDR80,000) is to catch the SLOW FERRY, that takes about 5 hours from Padang Bai to Lembar Harbor in Lombok. You can also take motorbikes and vehicles on this ferry. From Lembar Harbour it is a one hour drive north-east to Gypsea Yoga. You can negotiate your price (starting from IDR300,000) with the many drivers waiting at the harbor.



What should I bring?

Please bring your own mat, if you have one. However Gypsea Yoga provides all props and mats, so you just need to bring a towel or a sarong, water and a willingness to relax.

What do I wear? Clean comfortable, form fitting clothes that allow you to bend, stretch and move. We live in a Muslim village and out of respect for their culture please do not wear short shorts and cover your shoulders when driving through the village (a sarong is ideal for this purpose).

Are there any yoga studio rules?

Yes, there are. Click COVID19 UPDATE for our Safe Yoga Practices. Please remove your shoes outside of the studio. Please turn your phone off and leave it with your belongings in the locker provided. As yoga is a cleansing of the mind and body, personal hygiene is vital when attending a yoga class. Try to shower before class and use a deodorant. At Gypsea Yoga, we want everyone to feel included and safe, therefore, the number one rule is Be Kind. Even though we are social distancing we still can be friendly and say hello to one another, helping everyone to feel welcome.

What if I have never done yoga before?

Great, now is a good time to start! Iyengar Inspired classes are perfect for beginners. Gypsea Yoga is an intimate, accepting and compassionate studio. Our Iyengar Inspired classes treat each student individually and will guide you on your yoga journey, whatever your level.

Are yoga classes included in my accommodation price?

No, yoga classes are a separate price. However, a book of multiple class tickets can be purchased at discount prices for additional savings. (Click YOGA CLASSES for prices).

How and when do I pay?

Payment can be made in cash for single or multiple class books, before class at the Yoga Studio.

When should I arrive?

Arriving 15 minutes before class will give you and the Teacher the necessary time to fulfil ALL COVID SAFE Protocols. It is important for the Teacher to have all students ready to start class on time, to make the most of your yoga experience. The studio will be open 20 minutes before each class, to fulfil these extra safety measures.

What if I have an existing injury?

Yoga is a wonderful way to help the body regain strength and flexibility, so an injury will be treated with care. Please advise your Teacher of your injury before the class and we will gently guide you by providing the appropriate props to support and heal your body.

What if I arrive late?

No problem. Just be respectful of the class in progress. Wash your hands first, then quietly collect your props and join us. Put your mat on one of the empty markers on the floor.

Good, that is a natural part of yoga and it is your heart’s way of sweating and healing. Let it Go.


Click on FOOD TAB for further information

With so few tourists currently travelling, it is not viable to have the restaurant open for lunch and dinner. So we have decided to open our modern commercial kitchen to our guests. Having access to a kitchen 24/7 is perfect for digital nomads working online needing a comfy place to call home for a while.


Because of the COVID19 pandemic, Visa regulations are changing constantly. For current information on travelling to Indonesia, here is a starting point


It is recommended that you visit your own country Indonesian Embassy for specifics as countries differ.

If you want to spend more than 1 month in Indonesia we recommend searching the variety of Visas Indonesia has on offer (The Indonesian Government has implemented Electronic Visa (E-Visa).


What health matters should I consider before coming to Lombok?

We highly recommended that you visit your doctor before you travel to Indonesia.

Recommended vaccinations often include tetanus, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio.

Lombok is not a high-risk area for Malaria or Dengue fever; however in more populated areas there are some cases that I hear about from the locals. Talk to your Doctor about medicine you can bring just in case.

Bali Belly is less frequent and not as severe in Lombok as in Bali. It tends to be a mild diarrhea that passes in a few days. Talk to your Doctor about Hydrolytes and diarrhea medicine. Charcoal tablets help also.

Bring a general Antibiotic in case you pick up a bacteria strain.

Bring a good strength Multi Vitamin and any other supplements you need

Bring a good strength Insect repellent and stop itch cream

What happens if you get sick in Lombok?

Senggigi (10 mins away) has a 24 hour medical clinic. There is also an Apotec (Pharmacy or Chemist) where you can get basic medicines and health and skin care items.

Ampenan (20 minutes away) has a larger Apotec (Pharmacy or Chemist) where you can get any medications you need over the counter without a doctor’s script.

There are International Hospitals in Mataram (30 minutes away).

Bali has World Class Hospitals and Doctors

In Indonesia you pay for your Doctor visit and medicine up front and then send the receipts to your Health Insurance provider.

Doctor appointments and medications are much cheaper in Indonesia than Australia.

How safe is Lombok?

Tourism is one of the major industries and sources of income for any local businesses in Lombok. Therefore they take the safety of their visitors very seriously. The local people are extremely helpful and will do everything they can to make your holiday enjoyable.


From serene beaches to sacred rainforests, Lombok’s heavenly landscape lures adventurers with its enticing combination of relaxation and activity. Spend lazy days swimming in turquoise seas or a volcanic spring, take in the spectacular ocean views from rugged cliffs or learn about the local Sasak culture. In fact in Sasak language, Lombok Island means “The Island of Chili”.

A nature lover’s paradise, Lombok enjoys warm weather and stunning white sand beaches – making swimming, snorkelling, diving and surfing the most popular activities. Or take a day boat trip to discover the stunning and unspoilt Gili Islands. The three main islands, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno are just half an hour away from Gypsea Yoga by boat.

Back on Lombok enjoy the slow and relaxed pace of life. Explore uncrowded jungle walks, bathe in refreshing rainforest waterfalls and see only locals as they go about their day. Or visit one of the many traditional villages to observe Sasak people practicing handicrafts like pottery, textile weaving and basket making.

Further afield you’ll find breathtaking scenery along open coastal roads, with minimal traffic and spectacular trekking which will reward you with views of Mount Rinjani (3,600 metres above sea level). After working up an appetite delicious food can be found at many nearby restaurants, ranging from 5 star resorts to local warungs and food carts.


There are two distinct seasons on the island: the rainy season from October to March (limited tourists) and the dry season from May to September (busy with tourists).

During the high season (July to October) expect to pay higher rates for accommodation, tours and transport rentals.

Throughout the year, daytime temperatures normally remain in the 27°C to 32°C range.

Gypsea Yoga is located on the west coast of Lombok. The west coast experiences cooler temperatures because it is surrounded by hectares of rainforest that breathe abundant fresh air into the atmosphere. Lombok’s rainy season is also when the island experiences its highest levels of humidity. Rain showers come in the form of brief but powerful afternoon thunderstorms. During the dry season it can become quite windy and temperatures drop bringing cooler weather.

There are many local shops where you can buy cheap rain jackets, sandals, sarongs and clothing suitable for this climate.



Before you leave, tell your Bank the dates you are travelling to Indonesia. Find out what you need to put in place, so that the Bank will not freeze your account for fraud protection. Save the appropriate phone numbers in case you need to call them. There are ATM Machines everywhere in Lombok. The local currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) There are many local Money Converters who exchange foreign money for Indonesian Rupiah.


We have very good Wi-Fi reception in all areas at Gypsea Yoga, as we have ensured that we have the best possible internet service available in Lombok. Just be aware that as we are located on an island in Indonesia, Wi-Fi may not be as reliable as you are used to.

Do you have a swimming pool?

No. We have an outdoor shower and the ocean is a 5 minute scooter ride away. There are many 5 Star resorts nearby that have amazing swimming pools overlooking the beach. For a small fee you can chill out at these resorts, have lunch, cocktails, dinner and use their swimming pool.

Where do I do my laundry? There is a laundry service 5 minutes away OR you can have your laundry done in Senggigi. They charge about 20,000/ kg and they do a great job.

What voltage and plugs are used in Indonesia?

Electricity is 230v and Indonesia uses the European-style two pin round plugs. You can buy adapters at the Epicentrum Mall in Mataram or Senggigi have a few varieties.

Should I organise Tours before I come?

I wouldn’t bother as there are so many tour operators on the streets of Lombok and you will get a better price by negotiating with them in person. Alternatively there are many who have websites where you can read their reviews and select the better companies. Expect to pay more for quality service. If you wish to explore other places in Lombok, or other Islands, it’s easy to organise once you are here. We’d love to give you advice and recommendations on the different tours you are wanting to do, but we don’t get involved in organising tours for our guests.

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